6 Best Cycles That You Can Gift to Your Step Kids

Best Bikes To Gift Your Step Kids

Children are very fond of biking and cycling. They never say no even to a toy bike. Their excitement level gets hike whenever they see any kid bicycle outside. To get the love and affection from your stepkid, you should gift them one of a kind. They feel a special bond with you when you start taking care of their wishes. Consequently, it helps you to form a new relationship with your kid. Now, let’s get into the list below and learn how many options you have to gift it to your child. 

Top 6 Bikes to Gift Your Step Kids

1. Strider Sport 12’’ Balance Bike

Strider Sport 12’’ Balance Bike

It is specifically designed for kids who are aged between 18 months to 5 years. This cycle comes with an adjustable handlebar and seat that means it will not be a wastage of money. You can adjust these two specifications according to your child’s growth. It proves to be a fun and adventurous bike for any child who falls into this age group. You can customize and turn it into a new bike as each year passes which is one of the best features because customization is at its peak today. 

2. Schwinn 20’’ Bike

Schwinn 20’’ Bike

It is another bike that you can use as your stepchild’s gift. You can find it in a variety of shades like pink, purple, and teal. The bicycle contains a roomy basket where your child can place their favorite toy. You can find two kinds of brakes in it like a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake. It will be best for those kids who have some adventurous plans. If your stepchild has a craze for mountain biking then make sure to check out some best full suspension mountain bikes under 2000.

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3. Raleigh Jazzi 12’’ Kids Bike

Raleigh Jazzi 12’’ Kids Bike

This bike is measured around 12 inches that prove beneficial for several kids like yours. Through its design, the weight is placed on the hips that secure them from falling and getting any physical injury. If you want to train your child then it provides training wheels too. The company has resolved all of the queries that as a parent you ask. It is one of the best bikes and comes in both boy and girl versions. With this cute design, kids feel more attracted to it.

4. Burley Kid’s Kazoo Bike 

Burley Kid’s Kazoo Bike

The cycle has a bit more weight than discussed above. It is specifically designed for children within the age limit of 10 years. You can also find an adjustable seat here. The buyer can easily make some changes within the bike when the need appears. Make sure to build a strong relationship with the nearest local bike shop for getting one of the best services. 

5. Drako 14

Drako 14

Drako 14 is one of the best bikes for kids who fall into the age group of 3 to 5 years old. It takes care of a smooth ride through its designs and specification. The wheels have a width of around 35.56 cm that helps to hold a good grip even on the rough track. Kid-riders can easily get the confidence to ride this bike. You must surprise your lovely kid with this bike. 

Last Word!

You can choose anyone from these options and gift it to your lovely kid. We hope that the list is informative enough to give you an idea of what to purchase. All of them are quite efficient, just consider the age of your child before going with any further decision. 

5 Outdoor Games to Enhance your Bond with Step Kids

outdoor games to play with stepkids

Having a relationship with stepchildren is not difficult. You may not get a proper gateway to show your love towards the kid. Well, to keep a good relationship, you need to understand their behavior too. Instead of arising assumptions, make sure to communicate about things that they love. As most children love to play outdoor games so you can add some activities to get closer to your stepchild. Well, here are some of the best outdoor games that will enhance your relationship with them. Now, let’s proceed ahead and learn what are those outdoor games that you can play to bond with your stepchildren. So, let’s proceed. 

Outdoor Games to Bond with Your Step-Children

1. Steal the Bacon

steal the bacon

This game is played between two teams where each member is provided a significant symbol or number. These teams place an object in the middle and stand around it in opposite directions. Then, a number is pronounced and members having the same numbers appear from each team. The points added to the team whose member gets success in stealing the bacon. 

A game gets its hike through the players. Make sure to add some friends of your step-child and your family member to build a base for this new relationship. This way you will also get to know about the friend circle that your kid is having. 

2. Marco Polo

outdoor games to play with step kid : marco polo

Marco Polo is a swimming pool game. Everyone gets inside the pool. A person from the group covers his eyes and shouts Marco and the rest of them says Polo. Now, the kid who acts like Marco tries to go behind every other member. The caught person becomes the next Marco and a new game started with a new Marco and new Polos. Everyone needs to be in the pool, if anyone defies this rule then they can face disqualification. This is also a great adventure game that will add more joy to your child’s physical and mental behavior.

3. Water Balloon Pop

water balloon pop

This is the third game that you can enjoy with your stepkid. In this game, children get to learn about tracking. Balloons filled with water are placed in a row and children have to follow the path for popping up those balloons. Through this game, you not only add joy to your kid’s faces but also make them learn a new thing. 

To play this game, make sure that the balloons are placed five or more feet apart in a straight line. Every child loves cycling and biking, you can gift your stepchild the Best Mountain Bike and come more closer to them. 

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4. Sardines

sardines games to play with your step kid

It is the next game that you can play. Well, you may have heard hide and seek. Sardines is just the opposite of that. In this game, only one person is hidden while the rest of them try to find him/her. The person who comes last while seeking the hidden person loses the game. This is a really fun game to play with your kid and family. May you get a chance to come closer to your child while hiding.

5. Monkey in the Middle

monkey in the middle

This game requires three partners to get played. In this game, two persons avoid the third one that will snag the ball. They throw the ball backward and forward to avoid the third person. If that person snags the ball then the person who throws it becomes the Monkey. There is no win and no lose so you can easily play it with your kid. 

Winding Up! 

Through these 5 outdoor games, you can come more closer to your stepkid. All of these games can be easily played. We hope that you liked this article and started to get into the ways of creating a powerful base for your relationship. 

4 Ways to Establish Morning Routines with Step Kids

get up before kids

All kids are the same but when it comes to stepkids then we should need to bring in some more care. Stepkids feel lone wolf as of sudden relations and changes. So, we try to make small moves to connect them gradually. You can do it through different adventurous games and fun. But, it will not help much until you start your morning routines with your kids. When you start and end your day with your kid then you will certainly find a place in their hearts. Make sure to get into the post below and learn how your morning routine with your children removes the boundary between the two of you. So, let’s move ahead and learn how you can find a place in your stepkid’s heart. 

Morning Routines to Do with Step Kids 

Not just morning routines but night routines can also add more value to your relationship with kids. You should end your day with them, by asking and telling them about the daily routine that you and your child indulged in. Also, check on them if they get enough sleep or not. Now, start your morning routines with these key concerns. 

1. Get up before Kids 

Get up before Kids

The first thing that the child asks after waking up is breakfast, so make sure to get up before them and prepare it. It will leave a positive view about you in their mind. If possible then try to include them in some yoga and warm-up routine. Yoga not only brings you closer but also provides peace to both the body and mind that might get disturbed due to sudden changes. Waking up before kids would also make you realize your significant duties towards your new family. 

2. Create a Morning Routine Chart

Morning routine chart

You would probably get better help when created a morning routine chart. In this chart, try to involve every activity that you want to do with your kids. For instance, cleaning teeth, untangle the hair, face wash, dressing up, having breakfast, wearing shoes, preparing lunchbox, and so on. 

This chart will not let you forget anything on the way. Once it is prepared, try to conduct the same things step by step. Don’t involve too much that you forget your real motive. Since you are doing it for kids so try to include them in every possible manner. Make sure to keep up the conversation whenever you are trying out these things. 

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3. Weekends should be Special

play game in weekends

Weekends are no more than a festival for families. You can make it more special by including some of the favorite activities that your children love to do. Try to call their friends for a house party, if not a house party then you can enjoy the birthday of one of your kid’s toys. As children are more attached to their toys so they feel happy and come more closer to you. 

Not only this, you can plan some adventurous sports like Marco Polo, Water Balloon Pop, Coloring, and Steal the Bacon. As our main aim is to give them the feeling of a festival so we should try to include every possible thing. 

4. Use When and Then More Often

when and then approach by mother

Step-children do not pay focus to every suggestion that you give. So, try to use the “when and then” approach. For instance, if you want them to study then use slang like “you will get a kid bike when you score better marks.” The bike makes them do all the stuff that they don’t usually do. This tip will work wonders on every kid that is really irritating to handle. So, make sure to apply it to your kid too. Also, check out some best mountain bike brands that your children will definitely love. 


These key points will definitely help you to bring you closer to your stepkid. However, you will find difficulty in the beginning but all these become worth it when you see the real condolences and love on your child’s face. 

Safety Kits and Rules For Kids on Bike [Protective Gears]

Safety Kits & Rules for Kid on Bike

Biking would become a lot more fun when it is combined with some of the best safety kits. Well, a safety kit involves essential items like knee and elbow pads, a safety flag, lights, and a helmet. These four items prove to be of great worth for you and your child. Don’t ever ignore these four items if your child has all the heart for biking and cycling. Well, we all are aware of the benefits cycling provides to your body and mind. So, don’t let it become a disaster for your kid. Make sure to get some of the essential safety kits to ensure their safety while biking. Here is the list below that you can consider for gear items. 

Safety Kit for Kids on Bike

1. Reflectors

reflectors for kids bike

You can customize your kid’s bikes with some reflectors and lights. Through this, the children will get improved visibility. Also, it informs the other drivers that someone is riding before and after the vehicle. Reflectors can also prevent a child’s eye by scattering proper lights and brightness.  

2. Bell


Bell must be installed in your kid’s bikes. This will rescue them from any kind of danger and physical injury. Also, pedestrians usually collapse with bikers due to the uninstallation of horns and bells. So, make sure to get for the bike and rescue your child from getting into such a situation. 

3. Safety Flag

Safety Flag

Most people consider the Safety flag as the most underestimated tool. It works as a reflective flag for all other vehicles that pass by your kid’s bike. Safety flag enables all other vehicles to run at a specific distance. 

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4. Helmet


The helmet needs to be on the top list in your safety kit. Make sure to not just buy helmets but also teach your children how to wear and adust according to their head. There should be a proper knowledge of these helmets in your kid’s mind. You can get some of the best mountain bikes helmets for you and your kids. It will not only protect them from hitting by an accident but also brings fun to their rides. 

5. Arm Signals

Arm Signals for kids on bike

Get a quick class on arm signals and teach your children how to do it properly. It will help them in so many ways and they will also not be afraid of going outside alone on their bike. Make sure to teach them about the turn signals by expanding their arms. Also, don’t forget to explain the reason behind it. 

6. Road Safety

road safety for kids on bike

Riding on the road for kids is not as easy as for adults. They will come across strange things and traffic behaviors. So, make sure to provide them all the essential knowledge. At times, there arises a need when a biker needs to stop at the side of the road. Teach this lesson to your kid too. So that, they will not come across any threat. 

7. Examine the Bike Performance Before Ride

kid's bike performance

Once brought in all these things, try to examine the bike performance and your child’s capability now. Also, adjust the handlebar and seat according to your kid’s physic. Tires should be inflated properly, brakes and horns are working well, a safety flag is installed and your child is wearing key items like helmets and safety pads. 

Winding Up!

Bike safety demands the same precautions as other vehicles. There should be a proper conversation between you and your kid on how to safeguard themselves from road rage and accidents. It’s only about the time that you need to give to your child for preparing the security. 

5 Exciting Mountain Sports to Do with Your Step Mom

mountain sports to do with step mom

Mountain sports provide some of the best adventures that everyone wants to get once in their lifetime. It does not only purify your soul through the mesmerizing surrounding but also brings passion to all the activities you do. Mountains exhale the positivity that is later on inhaled by us. You can witness this magical power through getting into sports and activities held in mountains.

Well, as given in the topic, we are here to provide some of the best mountain sports to do with your stepmom. So, make sure to learn ahead by getting into the post. Well, the world seems to be tougher for stepmoms but you can turn their suffering into joy by bringing them to mountain sports. Mountain has all the spirit to carry all the joy to your mom’s heart that gets depressed in this centric world. Now, let’s move ahead and learn mountain sports to do with stepmom. 

Mountain Sports To Do With Step Mom

1. Mountain Biking

mountain biking

Mountain biking is quite famous among youngsters. They feel rejuvenated just by imagining the thriller experience. Your mom might also feel the same way. If this topic spikes her excitement then make sure to turn her into your adventure partner. She will also feel rejuvenating and exciting at the same time. All of her younger dreams will feel true by getting the best feelings in the world. Full suspension mountain bikes would help you to keep balance in those rustic terrains of mountains. 

2. Trekking    


If your mother does not love to drive on those rustic routes then conduct a trekking plan. She would love to trek with you. There could be no place better than mountains where you both listen and talk to each other. As trekking requires some stamina and energy so make sure to get yourself everything that will help you and your mom to keep up the good energy level. Through every step of trekking, you will explore more. Getting to know about the beautiful nature which is above anything else. 

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3. Skiing

Skiing with step mom

Skiing is the sport of winter. Your mother would enjoy it in her time. Get that time back to her by planning a skiing trip. Ensure your mother’s safety by providing her all the essential gear. To do this sport, an individual needs to carry out some practice. If your mother loves it then don’t hesitate to arrange the practice session and transform her into a pro. Well, skiing is not just a sport but a mode of transportation for many people living in an isolated snowy region.  

4. Hiking


Hiking is another best adventure sport. It does not require much of your mother’s effort. Just have some essentials before setting a hiking plan like a water bottle, high boot, compass, medicine, sleeping, hiking pole, and food. Don’t burden your mother with a load of bags, try to carry only essential items and goods. For mountains lovers, it is one of the best things to do. 

5. Via Ferrata Climbing

Via Ferrata Climbing

This sport requires you to climb the mountain. For beginners like you and your mom, this is gonna be a fun activity. She surely loves it once conquered that mountain. You may find it difficult in the beginning but at every step, it will add more enthusiasm and excitement to get on the target.

Last word!

So, these are the five adventure sports that you with your stepmom can enjoy. Drop in the comment which one you prefer for the adventurous event. We hope that you feel informed through this post and different adventurous plans.